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Tent For Factory
Tent Warehouse
Tent Warehouse (Fix)

An all-weather tent warehouse that protects valuable inventories from harsh external conditions over long periods of time. We also have Rental Tent. Tent Leasing.

Tensile Membrane Structures

A variety of commercial, transport, sports and cultural facilities using membrane structures

The Bright Rama2 The Bright Rama2 The Bright Rama2
Bangkok Futsal Stadium Bangkok Futsal Stadium Bangkok Futsal Stadium
UNIFLOW Door Products
High Speed Sheet Shutter

High-Performance , High-Safety

Amata Nakorn Bangpoo Phrapradaeng
Swing Door

Versatile For All Space Needs

Swing Door Swing Door Swing Door
Slide Door

Creating a People-Friendly Silent Environment

Slide Door Slide Door Slide Door
Slit Curtain

Transparent PVC Slit Curtain For Better Work Environment

Slit Curtain Hyper Accordion Sheet Hyper Curtain